Adaptation of the Terminal Building of Reus Airport

Adaptation in Reus Airport


Levantina Ingeniería y Construcción is to perform the Adaptation of the Terminal Building of Reus Airport for the volume of traffic anticipated for the coming years.

With a total investment of more than 13 million euros, this will mean an increase of more than 5,000 square metres and a capacity for up to 3 million passengers. The idea is a practical design to improve passenger service quality and processes.

The works for adapting the airport to the practical design will be carried out over 22 consecutive months and are scheduled for completion in October 2020.

Adaption in Reus Airport Waiting Room

The planned reforms include:

  • extension of the departure lounge;
  • extension of the baggage reclaim hall;
  • extension of the passport control area; and
  • increase in security filters, among others.

The works will be carried out by zones to avoid interruption to normal airport operation as far as possible.