Our mission is to be a committed, innovative and responsible company in relations with our stakeholders: customers, suppliers, the environment and human rights.

For LIC, social responsibility is a different way of understanding our future targets, where importance is placed not only on financial criteria, but also on being a socially responsible company and adding value to the environment in which we work.

We want to establish and develop principles that allow us to continue growing within a framework of respect, taking care of the environment and working actively for society.

At LIC, we believe that if we are true to these principles, we will guarantee our long-term sustainability and satisfy the interests of all our employees and stakeholders.

This commitment and the action plans resulting from it mark the beginning of the road towards implementing our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) system.


LIC builds and manages infrastructures, contributing to the progress of society. We are committed to the economic and social development of the countries in which we carry on our business, generating local jobs. In the last two years, we have increased our workforce by 50% in strict fulfilment of each country’s laws and the corresponding international regulations.


The combination of our professionals’ talent and commitment is one of the pillars our organisation’s existence. We are aware that our responsibility is to society and ourselves.

We provide employees and collaborators with adequate continuous training to guarantee both professional and personal development.


LIC supports diversity management as a business, social and legal imperative.

We strive for a decent, healthy and safe working environment, adopting standards and procedures in occupational health and safety and occupational hazards prevention, avoiding all forms of discrimination, intimidation or violence on the grounds of sex, ethnic origin, creed, religion, age, disability, political affinity, sexual orientation, nationality, citizenship, marital status or socio-economic status.

We also ensure compliance with the provisions of the International Labour Organisation (ILO ).