Our company


LIC was founded in Alberic (Valencia) in 2000. It originated from the company Soluciones Estructurales, S.L., which had a long-standing record in the execution of large concrete structures and, by incorporating recognised professionals from the construction sector, it started out in new areas of business.

“Our extensive experience in the various areas of civil engineering means we can assume projects of great technical complexity and technological reference”

This know-how is complemented by highly qualified human resources and specific machinery that allow us to complete any type of project, such as road infrastructures for collective transport, urbanisations, ports, airports and maritime works, among others, adapting to the requirements of both public and private clients.

Corporate culture

Our corporate culture is based on quality and competitiveness through the constant updating and improvement of strategies and management systems. All with the main aim of adapting to the demands of each market and the profound changes in the requirements of our clients and society in general.

At LIC, we create value and foster regional and national development through the construction of unique buildings, the development of more environment-friendly transport infrastructures and the most innovative and sustainable projects in industry and the environment.