Our international vocation is reinforced year after year, consolidating our presence in foreign markets in which we are already established and exploring new markets and business opportunities in other countries.

Growing, creating value, innovating and generating wealth in each of the countries in which the company operates has been LIC’s commitment since we started expanding outside Spain over 10 years ago.

We currently undertake projects in three continents: Africa, America and Europe, with delegations in Algeria, Panama and Belgium.

This international presence allows us to offer opportunities for professional development worldwide. Our professionals also have the opportunity to change country thanks to our ambitious geographic mobility program. .

Marketing Plan

The Marketing Plan 2017 drawn up by LIC for its international development is based on the following strategic lines:

  • Diversification of sources of income.
  • Permanence in existing international markets, Panama and Algeria.
  • Adaptation of the expansion and implementation plan according to target country.
  • Establishment of synergies with other companies.

This Marketing Plan has been recognised by the Generalitat Valenciana, through the IVACE (Institut Valencià de Competitivitat Empresarial – Valencia Institute for Business Competitiveness), and the European Union, through the ERDF (European Regional Development Fund), which awarded a grant for €24,200.40.

Programme Xpande y Xpande Digital

Levantina, Ingeniería y Construcción has received funding from the European Fund for Regional Development, whose objective is to increase SMEs’ competitiveness. This funding has enabled the company to implement an internationalisation plan to enhance its competitive advantage abroad in 2018. The company has also received support from the XPANDE Programme (Chamber of Commerce of Valencia).

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