Public Service Agent

The company’s vocation of service to the community is behind our entry into the service sector, where we act as a Public Service Agent in concessions or as an urban development agent, guaranteeing high levels of responsibility and efficiency in the provision of said services.


The Real Estate Development and Residential Land Department at LIC has grown continuously over the last few years.

We offer our customers integral solutions and take part in every phase of the project. We have a highly qualified technical and management team capable of meeting all requirements, including market studies for the identification of housing needs, the development of architectural projects, their implementation and, finally, management of the property.

The convenience of providing a “turnkey” service arises from the need to adapt buildings to the specific requirements of each customer’s business, providing the convenience and advantages of dealing with one single contact.

Naval Engineering

Another area of business in which our company is gaining importance is Naval Engineering for the development of naval equipment and resources for the execution of maritime works. We have a team of engineers with vast experience in the design of work boats and special dredging equipment, etc. adapted to our customers’ technical and functional requirements.

We also provide the technical management during the construction and commissioning of said equipment, guaranteeing its adaptation to the design project and its optimal operation, which leads to maximum customer satisfaction.