At LIC we like challenges. Therefore, we expand our action area in geographical terms and with regard to the development of our construction capacity year after year.
Our participation in increasingly demanding projects of growing technical complexity requires the incorporation of new technologies and machinery to ensure greater control of the production process.
The incorporation of these specific technologies allows us to manage all the work processes and gives us a great competitive advantage, especially on the international stage.

Special foundations

Owing to the technical requirements of the executed projects, at LIC we have created a special foundations division. It is formed by a highly qualified team and the latest technology in drilling machinery and ancillary equipment for the execution of large-diameter piles, micro-piles, drains and injections.

“In recent times, the technological evolution of drilling equipment has been continuous, bringing more power but also more complications, using lighter materials and electronic control equipment, etc.”

Gravel columns and wick drains

The consolidation of lands using gravel columns and wick drains are techniques in which we have also specialised and for which we have the necessary machinery and equipment.

Concrete Paving

At LIC we are also specialise in the execution of rigid concrete paving for roads or large surfaces, e.g. airport works (airfields and aircraft parking areas). For this type of project we have mechanical equipment for laying concrete paving of between 3.5 and 10 m.