Remodelling Picasso Terminal Building – Málaga

Málaga Picasso Airport

Remodelling Picasso Terminal Building


Last March, AENA awarded the joint-venture involving Levantina Ingeniería y Construcción the remodelling of Terminal T2 of Málaga’s Picasso Airport.

Given the specifications of the works and facilities, the project is to be completed in a total time of 20 months. The budget for the Remodelling of the Picasso Terminal amounts to 6,284,152 euros.

The work involves the refurbishment of floors and false ceilings. Also the renovation of climate-control and fire-fighting installations, improvements to toilets and repair work on columns in the trolley yard.

The refurbishment work involves the replacement of flooring on the various levels of the building and the painting of walls and ceilings in the bays and on the different levels.

Plans also include the renovation of the fire-detection system for different areas of terminal T2. The climate-control system in bays B and C is also to be fully replaced.


Málaga Picasso Airport


The refurbishment of the Picasso Terminal Building will be carried out in phases to avoid interruptions to airport operation as far as possible.

The aim is to minimise impact on all Terminal T2 users, including passengers, airlines, ground handling companies and traders.